Product Hazard Summary

Product Name SDS ID Manufacturer
2042 Citra Safe SDS0340 Well-Worth Products, Inc.

Synonym Manufacturer Phone
N/A (800) 424-9300

Signal Word

GHS Hazard Catagories
Eye Irritant - Category
Skin Irritant - Category

GHS Hazard Statements
Causes eye irritation
Causes skin irritation
May be harmful if inhaled

GHS Precautionary Statements

Prevention: Use personal protective equipment as required

Response: Do NOT induce vomiting.

Storage: N/A

Disposal: N/A

General: Keep out of reach of children; Read label before use

Gloves Goggles Apron
Face Shield Respirator

Health Hazards:
No Hazard Reproductive Toxin
Toxic Highly Toxic Corrosive
Carcinogen Sensitizer Irritant
Acute Chronic

Physical Hazards:
No Physical Hazard Combustible Liquid
Explosive Flammable Water Reactive
Oxidizer Pyophoric Unstable/Reactive
Compressed Gas Organic Peroxide

Routes of Entry:
Inhalation Skin or Eye Contact
Ingestion Skin Absorption

Target Organs:
Lungs Skin Eyes
Heart Blood Blood (Effects)
Kidney Liver Prostate
Bone Mutagen Teratogen
Central Nervous System Autonomic Nervous System
Cardiovascular System Respiratory System
Mucous Membranes